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We are all about sharing resources!  The following is information about some the most requested legal issues.  If you have questions after you review the information, click here to learn about our legal consultations and to request an appointment with our attorney. We are happy to help you!


driver in car holding license with thumb up

Get a Maryland Driver's License

Workshop slides & recording

State issued ID card

Maryland ID Cards

Get a MD ID card
signing lease

Review Your Lease

Lease Review Checklist
lease on paper torn in half

Breaking a Lease Agreement

Articles on Breaking a Lease
security deposit receipt

Security Deposit Laws

Learn more...
large hole in wall

Ordinary Wear & Tear

Learn more...
snowflake and sun inside outline of house

Heating & Cooling

Min & Max Allowable Temps
scale showing average credit score with man pulling the indicator

Credit Reports

Learn more...
money exchanging hands, cars in background

Buying a Used Car

Learn more...
hand signing with pen last will and testament

Estate Planning

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