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GRadulating is easy

Graduate Student Legal Aid offers the GRadulting Workshop Series, weekly hour-long workshops on a variety of topics relevant to UMD graduate students.  They take place throughout the spring and fall semesters on Tuesday afternoons via Zoom or in person. Practical information is presented by experts from both on- and off-campus, and many workshops are recorded for those who are unable to attend in person.  


What is GRadulting? GRadulting is defined as graduate students who are "adulting" -- (v): to carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals, such as paying off student loans, buying a home, negotiating a salary, or estate planning. 

click here to registerRegister on TerpLink to attend a GRadulting Workshop!  If you register, we will email you the Zoom link before the workshop. After the workshop, we will send you links to the recording, the slides, and any other handouts or resources. Resources for past workshops are shown below.  

GRadulting Workshop Series, Fall 2023

Aug. 15 - What is the health insurance plan for graduate students?
Recording || Slides

Sept. 12 - How do I get a Maryland driver's license?
Recording || Slides

Sept. 19 - How can I make a financial plan for my future?

Oct. 10 - How do I cite sources, paraphrase, and avoid getting charged with plagiarism?
Slides || Recording

Oct. 24 - How do I obtain permanent resident status in the U.S.?
Slides || Recording

Oct. 31 - How do I buy a car and take care of it?
Slides || Recording

Nov. 14 - How should I handle an encounter with the police?
Slides || Recording


GRadulting Workshop Series, Spring 2023

Jan. 31 - How can I invest on a limited budget?
Recording || Slides

Feb 7 - How do I prepare for homeownership?
Recording || Slides

Feb 16 - How do I prepare my taxes? (international session) 
Recording || Slides || TerpTax || ISSS Info on Taxes

Feb 21 - How do I prepare my taxes?  (domestic session)
Recording || Slides || TerpTax

February 28 - What should I know about a job contract before signing it?  
Recording || Slides

March 7 - How do I launch a start-up that will last?
Recording || Slides

March 28 - How should I prepare for life after F-1/J-1?

April 11 - Why should I care about my credit score
Recording || Slides || Experian Resource

April 18 - Do I need a will or an estate plan?
Recording || Slides


MORE great topics: 

Nov. 15th - How do I pay off my student loan debt?
Recording || Slides - Managing Student Loans || Slides - Student Loan Crisis || Slides - Student Loan Tips

Nov. 1st - How do I select auto and renters insurance?
Recording || Slides || Other Resources (MD Insurance Administration)




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