Graduate Student Legal Aid offers the GRadulting Workshop Series, weekly hour-long workshops on a variety of topics relevant to UMD graduate students.  They take place throughout the spring and fall semesters on Tuesday afternoons via Zoom. Useful information is presented by experts from both on- and off-campus, and many workshops are recorded for those who are unable to attend in person.  Look below for links to recordings and information from past workshops.


What is GRadulting?

GRadulting is defined as graduate students who are "adulting" -- (v): to carry out one or more of the duties and responsibilities expected of fully developed individuals, such as financial planning, buying a home, negotiating a salary, or estate planning. 

Click here to register on TerpLink for any and all GRadulting Workshops!  Click on the links below to view the recordings, slides and other materials.  

GRadulting Workshop Series, Fall 2021

Sept 7th - Help me understand my health insurance options! - recordingQ&A, slides

Sept 14th - Help me survive and thrive in grad school! 

Sept 21st - Help me with my personal financesrecording and slides

Sept 28th - Help me get a Maryland driver's licenserecording and slides

October 5th - Help me avoid accidental plagiarismrecording and slides

October 19th - Help me get a green card! recording and slides

October 26th - Help me buy a car and take care of it! recording and slides

November 2nd - Help me understand my intellectual property rights! recording and slides

November 9th - Help me feel safe and be smart at UMD! recording and slides

November 16th - Help me fight a traffic ticket! recording and slides

Summer 2021

June 24th - ISSS' Beyond Immigration Series: Leasing in the U.S.: recording, slides

GRadulting Workshop Series, Spring 2021

February 2nd –How do I prepare to buy my first home?  Recording & Presentation

February 9th – Life After F-1/ J-1: What's Next?  Presentation, this workshop was not recorded

February 16th - What should I know before I start a small business?  PresentationRecordingMaryland Small Business Development Centers & The Dingman Center 

February 23rd - How do I prepare my taxes international students & domestic students Presentation Recording for international studentsPresentation Recording for domestic students; Get help filing your taxes with Terp Tax, UMD Graduate School resources. guidance from ISSS

March 3rd – What do I need to know before I sign a job contract?  Presentation & Recording

March 9th – Why is my credit score important? Recording & Presentation

March 30th – Do I need a will or an estate plan? Recording & Presentation

April 6th - How do I negotiate my salary?  Presentation/Handouts & Recording

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